Monthly turn-ins of HyVee receipts to your child's class. There are also containers in the front hallway.  Collect from neighbors and friends.

Boxtops Collected

Monthly turn-ins of Boxtops to your child's class. There are also containers in the front hallway.  Collect from neighbors and friends.

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Days of the Cycle  

Day 1 - Thurs. August 25

Day 2 - Fri. August 26

Day 3 - Mon. August 29

Day 4 - Tues. August 30

Day 5 -Wed. August 31

Day 6 -Thurs. Sept. 1


Each Wednesday dismissal is at 1:50.

All other days are 3:45.


Allergy Sensitive

Cedar Falls Schools has adopted a new Allergy Sensitive Environment practice. We no longer prohibit peanut products from being brought into our school. We do have classsrooms that may have restrictions due to the health concerns of students in that particular classroom.  Teachers will notify parents if they have further restrictions in their classrooms.  Otherwise, for personal consumption, we do not have restrictions on our campus any longer.  For more information on this , please click on the link to our brochure or contact the building principals, Andrea Christopher, at andrea.christopher@cfschools.org or 319-553-2465.  

Vision: Believe, Achieve, Lead.
Mission: Leaders learning in a safe, caring community.
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We at Orchard Hill Elementary continue to be excited about the 2015-16 school year.  We are growing - although our student count overall is expected to decline, we are picking up a section of 5th grade.  This means our overall class sizes will actually decrease slightly   We continue to be a Leader in Me building and using 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Even our new staff will be trained annually.  We have been fully implementing these principles with our students in becoming a Leader in Me building.  We will begin 4th year training this year.  Ask your children as we begin our year - I am sure they will be eager to teach you as well!  We also anticipate having a family night for Leader in Me so that all families can learn about the 7 Habits. 

We continue implementation of Professional Learning Communities. Early dismissal is part of this.  We are dismissing at 1:50 on Wednesdays again this school year.  Junior High and High School begin 90 minutes later on Mondays to accomplish the same task. Professional Learning Communities (or PLCS for short) are what Cedar Falls Schools is all about.  It is a PK - 12 initiative.  We will begin to look at our curriculum more in depth to make sure we are covering the essentials. We will look at common formative assessments, so we assess students continually to see where their needs are to drive our instruction.  We are excited about this because the schools that implement with fidelity see increases in student achievement, especially in closing gaps with IEP students and those of poverty.  Leader in Me sees these same results.  Although we know that getting out earlier provides some inconveniences for families, please know that in the end, this will help the teaching and learning that occurs in Cedar Falls Schools. We will keep you updated on our progress!

We always welcome visitors.  Please check in at the office before going to a classroom.  If you are visiting your child's classroom, please make arrangements ahead of time and keep the visits limited so as to not disturb the learning climate in the room.



Andrea Christopher - principal


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